Internet speeds are so important for us and a big part of our lives. When you want to see how much internet speed is, you’ll see it displayed as mbps or kbps.

What does mbps and kbps mean? Mbps is a transfer measurement and means mega bit per second. Let’s look at data storage measurements to make it clear:


As shown above, we can see that 1 byte = 8 bits.

For example you have 16 mbps internet speed and then you ask yourself “how many megabytes can I download per second with 16 mbps?” If 8 bits = 1 byte so 16 bits = 2 byte. Hence, 16 mega bit per second is equal to 2 mega byte per second.

In a few words, divide your internet speed by 8 to see how many megabytes can you download per second. As a result, 16 Mbps = 2 MB/s 32 Mbps = 4 MB/s and so on…


I have 14.52 mbps internet speed right now. According to the calculation above, I can download 1.8 MB per second. So, downloading 5 MB file size of a song will take 5/1.8 = 2.77 second.