GSoC progress for week #2.

Disabling slide sorter shorcuts when in edit mode / Impress

In Impress, when editing a text on a slide, CTRL+SHIFT+(HOME/END/ArrowUP/ArrowDOWN) shortcuts doesn’t select the text in the slide, but move the slide to the end of the slide stack.

Solution is simple: Disable slide sorter shortcuts when in text edit mode.


This week I tried to disable slide sorter shortcuts while in edit mode. However, I couldn’t found a proper way to disable them.

Code pointers:

Potential solution

In FuText:SetInEditMode, We should disable the global slide sorting shortcuts by something like:

    SfxItemSet aSet(mpViewShell->GetPool());
    aSet.DisableItem(SID_MOVE_PAGE_DOWN);  // and other SIDs: (LAST/UP/FIRST)


    SfxItemSet& rSet = mpView->GetStyleSheet()->GetItemSet();


    SfxItemSet aSet(mpViewShell->GetPool(), svl::Items<EE_PARA_LRSPACE, EE_PARA_LRSPACE>{} );


    auto pSet = std::make_unique<SfxItemSet>( mpViewShell->GetPool());


    SfxItemSet aSet(mpViewShell->GetDoc()->GetPool());

… However, none of them are worked, and I don’t know if there is another way to make SIDs disable while in edit mode. Since we are in the GSoC period, I don’t want to waste my time with a bug that I couldn’t make progress. I will look again this bug after GSoC with a huge free time.


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