GSoC progress for week #7 and week #8.

Made research on borders in Writer-Tables

  • Bug: tdf#51665 - Support diagonal borders in TABLEs

In Table Toolbar > Bordes, Writer has 8 border frames for each cell, and has 12 border frames for multiple selected cells. With 2 new borders (Diagonal Left/Right), Writer has 14 border frames.

I made research about how applying borders works in Writer-Tables. Then I started to work on it with sending first patchsets as WIP:

I realized that Calc has diagonal borders feature in both Format > Cells... > Borders tab and (Sidebar Tab) Properties > Cell Appearance. Next week, I will try to understand how diagonal borders work in Calc cells and will try to implement them in Writer-Tables.

Code pointers:


Summary of last 2 weeks

Next Week TO-DO

  • Work on Calc diagonal borders and try to implement them in Writer-Tables