GSoC progress for week #9.

Diagonal borders now accessible from “Table Toolbar > Borders” tab in Calc

Calc has diagonal borders feature in Format > Cells... > Borders tab and (Sidebar Tab) Properties > Cell Appearance. However, this feature wasn’t exist in “Table Toolbar > Borders” tab. With commit, Calc can draw diagonal left and diagonal right borders from table toolbar. \o/

This commit had “(WIP) Support diagonal borders in Writer-Tables” name before, and I sent 3-4 patchsets for Writer-diagonal-borders, but I made it Calc-specific and changed the title as “Calc: made diagonal borders accessible in Toolbar>Borders”. The reason of this change is: Writer and Calc use the same Border tab in Table toolbar (svx/source/tbxctrls/tbcontrl.cxx). Therefore I will leave the commit as Calc-specific and will submit a new commit just for Writer-specific. But first, I want to write UItest for Calc-diagonal-borders next week.

Additionaly I want to work on - UI scroll problem: Cell with dimensions exceeding screen dimensions impossible to work with.

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Summary of week #9

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